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Posted on: September 12, 2008 9:18 am

Championship Distraction

On the eve of NASCAR's 2008 Chase for the Sprint Cup championship comes word of an illegal substance being used by a driver within the sport.

Not the kind of press NASCAR was looking for before kicking off its playoff run.

Veteran truck series driver Ron Hornaday admiited to using a human growth hormone steroid a few years ago and although the circumstances of his involvement with the illegal sustance appear to be of a medical natures, it didn't stop themedia from trying to connect the dots to a scandal.

Hornaday explained how he was very sick in 2004 and had lost forty pounds. He and his family suspected he had cancer no doctor could find and turned to a type of testosterone therapy that would bring his hormone levels back to normal.

In 2006, doctors finally diagnosed Hornaday with a hyperactive thyroid and prescribed medication that he continues to take.

If you have seen Ron Hornaday on television or at a track live and in person, you wouldn't exactly confuse him for Jose Canseco in a driving uniform.

Several doctors made the media rounds the last two days saying that a driver could benefit from using such substances in terms of stamina and reflex action.

However knowing Hornaday and listening to the story, I believe his actions were not to find a competitive edge but simply to find a cure for what was a very scary time in his life.

But this kind of can of worms can easily be opened.

NASCAR could avoide any of it by simply instituting a solid mandatory drug testing policy.

The current reasonable suspicion party line simply doesn't work. Shane Hmiel and Aaron Fike - who admitted to using heroin WHILE driving - prove it loud and clear.

Hornaday's current employer Kevin Harvick, who owns the truck he pilots, has its own drug testing policy and reports Hornaday has passed with flying colors every time he has been tested.

If NASCAR had a similar program, sordid stories like this one would go away and the sport could avoid having its image tarnished just days before one of the biggest stages of the season.

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